We act as your external bidding & marketing department, we integrate ourselves within your existing organisation, as freelance specialists we aim to develop and implement effective strategies that win you work.

We are a fully integrative consultancy firm. Not only do we find you work opportunities, we gather all of the relevant information and bring those work opportunities to you in a concise, summarised format. This will then allow you to quickly instruct us if the work is of interest to you or not.


If so, we will then work with you during the entire tendering process.


From there we take ownership of the bidding process, coming to you with information as and when needed.


Taking this workload off your hands ensures minimal disruption to your staff’s current workload whilst increases your opportunity to win work exponentially.

why us? we do it all.

tender writing services

We work closely with you throughout the tender and bid process to ensure you stand out from your competitors and have that winning edge in the bidding process.

bid management services

We can guide and support you in effectively sourcing, selecting and securing tenders. We also assist your organisation in order to organise, manage and deliver high quality submissions.

tender review services

If you have completed a tender in-house and require assistance in reviewing, improving and proofing before its submission we have expert tender consultants on hand to provide that support.

tender presentations

We can design and structure visually spectacular any shortlisted tender presentations to give you the cutting edge in crossing that last hurdle to winning contracts.

pqq's/itt's completion

We understand that PQQ's and ITT's can be a tedious exercise that takes valuable time and resources out of your business. We've completed hundreds of successful tender submissions over the years, allow us to take this burden off your team by outsourcing to precise and quick turn around experts.

bid library creation

Rickson can write, review, edit data, content, graphics, testimonials and case studies for future bids. This will enable you to have a starting point and pool of resources for you to pull from when you're submitting for future bids.

Not only will we be able to create an alert profile specifically tuned to the services/goods you provide in the sectors you want to work in, we are also able to get you access to contracts and tenders to opportunities that are not made public via the bidding process.

rickson's exclusive access

we find the work so you don't have to.

why rickson?