Rickson specialises in finding contract opportunities for the following industries:


Construction / Refurbishments / Fit-outs


Professional services

facilities / security management

it / technology / design



Whether its for the supply of parts, consultancy services or the completion of projects on site, we can find all manner of opportunities to suit your service areas.

We specialise in sourcing work for small/medium sized firms with opportunities located around the world. The more specific our instruction can be, the more targeted our searches can be. Using our contacts and coding systems we are able to find you work based on the following criteria:



estimated value

length of contract

sector specific

industry type

We have successfully sourced and won contracts for clients in both the public and private sector, including a place on a £8 million 8 year electrical engineering framework, a £2 million Heritage Fund Grant and a mechanical parts order work over £1.2 million per year.

This insight means we understand what the public sector wants and how contractors should respond. We have a high success rate of bids on behalf of clients, offering validity to our measure of success, determined not by how many clients Rickson can win, but how much RIckson helps its clients win.

Besides this, we keep up to date with current policies, and set out to impact the overall landscape of A/E/C bid environment. We specialise in tendering on projects that encourage SMEs to bid for more lucrative contracts and provide that winning edge with the support of the Rickson team.

our unique opportunities tracker

When you work with Rickson, we ensure that all opportunities that we find for your company are fully traceable and transparent. We believe that it is of paramount importance that we provide you with the information you need in order to decide if you are interested in an opportunity.


We will create a personal opportunity tracker for your organisation, made available to all of the individuals within your organisation that will be in decision-making roles. 


Every opportunity notice that we send to your team will then be logged onto this tracker, enabling us to capture all of the relevant information and keep it stored in one easy to access location.


Here is a sample of an opportunity tracker for one of our clients:

At Rickson we make it our duty to be available for our clients any time of the day, seven days per week. We understand that the tendering process is based upon tight deadlines and concurrent opportunities can cause untold pressure on a businesses capacity. As such, our sole aim is to alleviate this burden and ensure work is secured in your pipeline for years to come.

notice example

filtering opportunities

The way in which you choose to filter these opportunity notices is of course entirely up to you and your organisations structure. However, we have found that involving Project Managers along with company Directors allows opportunities to be diseminated evenly throughout an organisation. 


Once an opportunity notice has been recieved, anybody on copy can view this summary notice, then request further documentation or information from Rickson. We will then work with that or those indivduals concerned with that particular project. 


This will allow your staff to be able to work on several different projects at one particular time with Rickson’s support, covering the entirity of your service offering.


Oftentimes we have found that the following catergories ensure that your organisation gets the most out of Rickson’s services:



estimated value