external marketing support

Rickson offers a full range of marketing consultancy that aims to strengthen your total marketing front. We will audit your current marketing efforts, then research, devise and create a marketing plan that will cover the spectrum of marketing that will effectively work for you. 


Our full service bidding support includes:

annual reports

Business cards


corporate folders

digital newsletters

direct mail

email campaigns





logo design

office signage

packaging design

print ad design

print catalogs

print magazines

print newsletters

sales collateral

slide presentations


tradeshow materials

graphic design

web design 

We work with you and your business to create the materials that you need at a low cost.

Yes, we are an external cost, but what we do should be an investment for the future.


Our aim is to get to know you and your customers and then set about devising and constructing a precise and tailored marketing plan to help you meet your marketing objectives.

our process




Rickson understands that many SMEs do not have the facilities

in-house to handle their marketing requirements. We are specialists in integrating ourselves within your current business model, working with you to understand areas for improvement and growth and then setting and executing a marketing campaign that delivers results. 


Our unqiue perspective and flexible approach allows us to deal with a wide array of marketing efforts without the use of design agencies or costly external measures.